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Be a Facilitator

Nia's facilitators volunteer their valuable time to reach out, identify, nurture and communicate with the girl students supported by Nia. The facilitator is the key person on the ground for Nia. An all volunteer cadre of facilitators has enabled Nia to operate at zero cost to its donors. Below, we have outlined the role and responsibilities of a facilitator. If you have any questions please reach out to us and we would be happy to engage and explain to you in detail.

Responsibilities of a Facilitator
  • Selecting schools and colleges to engage with in order to identify and support deserving girl students

  • Creating awareness about Nia and its programs amongst students who could potentially qualify for Nia scholarships

  • Distributing, collecting and verifying student applications

  • Advising Nia's steering committee on student selection and scholarship fund determination

  • Receiving and distributing student scholarship funds

  • Mentoring and tracking student progress

Time Requirements for a Facilitator

Time commitment from facilitators is crucial to ensure the success of Nia's operating model. Below, is a detailed breakdown of the required time commitment.
  • One time effort

    • Two to three weeks to select potential schools and colleges

  • Annual effort

    • A day or two to create awareness about Nia's program among potential scholarship candidates

    • One week to distribute, collect and verify student scholarship applications

    • One week to distribute scholarship fund to selected students

    • An hour or two per student to mentor and monitor progress

Operating Instructions

As a facilitator, you will be performing some of the activities listed below.
  • One-time activities

  • Annual activities

    • Work with your Nia contact person to

      • finalize the goal for your area for that year (e.g., total number of students to reach and total amount of scholarship to disburse)

      • finalize the time-line of activities for that year (e.g., application distribution, collection, verification, fund disbursement etc.)

    • In consultation with the educational institution create a plan to reach potential scholarship applicants

    • Distribute new applications, collect completed applications and verify student information. Ensure all student information is duly attested by the appropriate authority from the relevant education institution

    • Mail completed applications and supporting documents to the Nia India office. The usual supporting documents are:

      • Attested copies of recent mark sheets

      • Copy of the student's family ration card

      • Copy of documents to support student academic and other achievements

    • Advise Nia's steering committee during the process of selecting students

    • Collect scholarship funds from Nia India and distribute the funds to selected students

    • Collect copies of receipts from students for fees, books, uniforms, accommodation etc. and mail them to Nia India office

    • Track and provide student progress updates every six months. Mentor the students if necessary